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Rock Salt to Lower the Temperature of Your Cooler

Use this tip to get your cooler and drinks to temp quickly.
Tim Romano author.
Tim Romano
June 3, 2024
Beers in a creek traying to cool down

Rock Salt to Lower the Temperature of Your Cooler

It’s June, but many parts of the country are already heating up and much of the country will soon be sweltering.

This tip is simple. If you add rock salt to your ice, it lowers the temperature of the cooler (a lot) and quickly.

The salt does melt a little of the ice, but in turn, creates a slurry. Many times, this slurry is actually quite a bit colder than the freezing point. The slurry acts in two ways. One, it envelopes the contents of your cooler, covering more surface area. Second, it achieves an even lower temperature than melted ice alone.

So, the next time you think about prepping your cooler for a day fishing on the boat, get a decent-sized bag of rock salt and add to the first layer of ice–then add more ice before topping it off with more rock salt.

More rock salt, cooler information from the boys at Out The Smoke:

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