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The Flylab membership plan provides access to our online community, exclusive content and the partner discount program.

For anglers serious about building their knowledge, gearing up for the season and discovering travel opportunities, the Flylab membership was created to be an indispensable value and resource.


Become part of the Flylab community and expand your network. Join conversations about gear, skills and the expert insights that make fly anglers great.


You’ll have access to exclusive Flylab content—lists (year-end, top ten, category-specific), product guides, featured partner deals and our community discussions.


The partner discount program was created to save on gear, travel and outfitting—access to our curated network allows a Flylab membership to pay for itself almost immediately.


We made it simple and cost effective. Flylab memberships cost $10/month = $120/year. Once you add up the value and savings, we think it’s a no-brainer.


Become a flylab member

Membership plan
For anglers serious about building their fly-fishing knowledge and skills
$10/month = $120/year
Exclusive membership benefits
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Online community: access to product discussions, expert advice, fishing tips, news, networking opportunities and the rest of Flylab’s gated content.
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Partner discount program: discover product and service benefits with our curated fly-fishing providers. Fly shops, outfitters, destination travel and outdoor brands, who provide unique, members-only consumer opportunities.
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Expert opinion: we have over 70 years of combined industry, media and on-river experience and evaluate more products than anyone in the fly-fishing category. Our community forums will be packed with credible and candid insights.
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In-depth product analysis: our experts have the knowledge and experience to compare, analyze and rank products in their niche categories. If there’s consensus, or variance, in our expert opinions, we’ll tell you.
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Members-only content: product rollouts, newsworthy buzz, personalities behind the brands, lists, product guides and more.

See what people are saying about flylab

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Fishing Start-up

“Love what you guys are doing with the product reviews–honest, informative, humorous, with an easy layout for readers to consume. Can’t wait to see how Flylab evolves.”

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Fishing Show Consumer

“So, you guys are industry experts telling us what you really think of gear? You don’t take any ad money from brands? You partner with the best fly shops to get us the gear with discounts? For about $100 a year? What’s the catch?” There isn’t any, Rachel.

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Flylab Member

“Brilliant idea–consumers need a reputable way to evaluate fly-fishing service providers, and the discount model is a no-brainer. Get a new fly rod and the membership basically pays for itself.”

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Flylab Member

“Companies and organizations are underestimating their consumers. They don’t think we’ll use their gear when it’s five degrees. They don’t think we’ll walk ten miles in their boots. They don’t think we'll use their rod more than a dozen times a year. Your reviews are built for today’s anglers.”

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“I can’t tell you guys how badly unbiased gear reviews are needed, but you know that already. It feels like there are almost no legitimate reviews outside of the rod shoot-outs, and the search engines are driving everyone to the worst sites on the internet. This is a great solution.”

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“I can see a huge need for objective fly-fishing reviews, rather than another place for what amounts to an ad. I hope you guys are willing to publish the negatives. Nothing is perfect, so a review that points out weaknesses is always appreciated. When I see those reviews, I’ll know you’re serious.”

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Flylab Member

“I love your objectivity, warts and all. So many fly-fishing reviews are manufacturer reps, shops reliant on manufacturers, or social media influencers trying to get free stuff. Finally, some consumer content I can trust.”

Woman rowing drift boat on river.

“Flylab should be game-changer for anglers and help them shop smarter. We're a 100% behind your mission.”