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Cling Mag Grab

The magnet “stay in place” factor is formidable.
Kirk Deeter author.
Kirk Deeter
March 29, 2024
Cling | Mag Grab
product description
The Mag Grab is a magnetic fly patch made from an anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that will stand up to years of use. Its fully-machined, milled-aluminum housing holds an extremely strong, rare-earth neodymium magnet that is delicate enough to remove flies, yet strong enough to hold pliers, forceps and tools.
company ethos
“Our products are developed, tested and utilized on the banks of Montana’s blue-ribbon trout streams by our team to ensure quality of the highest degree. Which is why you can rest easy knowing your products were made by those who truly care about form, function and art.” – Cling Fishing Products

Using magnets for holding flies and other items is certainly nothing new. But the cool thing that Cling brings to the game is the ability to laser-engrave logos and such–or just offer some nice stock design–on the surface of the magnetic pad. 

Just think about all the clubs, shops, etc., that might use that for effect. For the record, having fished with the Mini for a few months, the “stay in place” factor is formidable. Use it on a pack, vest, boat bag, whatever, and it’s better than being stuck on with a safety pin or a snap. The larger version (Delta) can also be affixed to larger and harder accessories (coolers, hard boxes etc.) with a sticky plate, which is a nice option for boaters and guides.


Versatile sizing for lots of flies, tools and applications.

Made in Montana.

Customization, if warranted.


They get expensive as they size up–$70 for a fly patch?

Weight: The Delta taps in at ~6 ounces? I guess if it’s stuck to your cooler, who’s counting…


The three different Mag Grab sizes come in at: $19.99 Mini, $29.99 Plus, $69.99 Delta–not cheap as they get bigger, but you’re paying for expensive (rare) metals and custom artwork.


High attention to detail and custom engraving.


The anodized aircraft grade aluminum on the housing and the high-grade, stainless-steel alloy on the back plate should be able to withstand corrosion and day-to-day abuse. It’s also built to store flies, not break Audi Quattro drive trains.

  • Price: Mini $19.99, Plus $29.99, Delta $69.99
  • Dimensions: Mini 1.5 inches, Plus 2.5 inches, Delta 6 inches
  • Weight: Mini 1.5 ounces, Plus 2.5 ounces, Delta ~6 ounces
  • Construction: Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum (resistant to corrosion and harsh weather conditions)
  • Materials: Rare-earth neodymium magnet, stainless steel backing plate
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Mag Grab fly patch in action.

From Cling Fishing Products: “The Mag Grab™ presents a beautiful modern design accompanied by a gorgeous engraving.” High-strength magnets that allow flies to be easily attached (and removed), though also strong enough to hold a variety of hand tools (forceps, nippers, pliers).

Limited Lifetime Warranty.

“Our warranty covers all manufacturer defects. This does not include stolen or lost parts, scratches, or normal wear and tear. It is up to the discretion of Cling Fishing Products to decide what is or is not a manufacturer defect.

Not happy with your purchase? You can return or exchange your product within 14 days of purchase.”

Likely buyers

Anyone and everyone–most anglers could use the Mag Grab to save some summer flies, and particularly river guides, who watch them get blown around all day in the boat.


Smart, functional tool with a touch of class. Bravo to the upstart.

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