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Fly Banjo Fly Dryer

Dry fly enthusiasts: A fly dryer that works without chemicals.
Kirk Deeter author.
Kirk Deeter
March 29, 2024
Fly Banjo | Fly Dryer
product description
“The Fly Banjo provides a chemical-free and efficient solution to drying any fly–wet, skunked or not floating adequately. After catching a fish, or dragging a fly through the water, simply pluck your fly a few times and it’s just like it left the vice.” – Banjo Angling Co.
company ethos
“Fly Banjo is a trio of avid dry-fly anglers who share a deep passion for emerging insects and rising trout.” – Banjo Angling Co.

This is a “slap-your-forehead” idea that I wish I’d have thought of myself, but need to give props to my friends who actually figured it out, followed through and executed. If you’ve been fishing long enough, you know that the best way to clear gunky weeds off a fly or leader knot isn’t to pick them off with your fingers–you pull the tippet strand taut and pluck, like you’re picking a guitar or banjo string and the crud flies off. That’s also a great way to dry a fly, as good or better than smashing it in a chamois pad, or shaking it in a bottle of desiccant powder. 


The Banjo works like this: attach one loop to your vest or pack, hang the barb of your fly in the other loop, pull it taut and pluck. The moisture flies off. You can do this with a plain rubber band, of course, but they ultimately rot and break. The silicone Fly Banjo lasts a lot longer, under all conditions, and considering you get a pack of two for under ten bucks, it’s a no-brainer steal of a deal. It works on any size fly, saltwater, freshwater, whatever, and it’s especially effective for drying out CDC-winged flies, like Craven’s Mole fly.

I’m just starting to use these, so I cannot vouch for the durability yet, but two friendly guides have been using them for over a year, and love them, which is more than enough river time to justify the product.


Versatile for lots of flies and sizes.

Made in Montana.

Constructed with durable, UV-resistant silicone.

Keeps fly-drying chemicals out of the river and off your hands.


Zero–we’re just pissed we didn’t think of this hack ourselves.


At $9.99 for a two-pack, we think it’s a no-brainer.


It’s basically a “high-tech” rubber band, so don’t expect to see them hanging in the MOMA any time soon. Though, you never know…


They seem durable, but we’ll let you know after the season.

  • Price: $9.99 for a two-pack
  • Dimensions: About the length of a toothpick
  • Construction: Silicone is a strong and tear-resistant material
  • Materials: UV-resistant silicone (protects from sun damage, ensuring long-lasting performance)

The Fly Banjo is meant to be plucked:

From Banjo Angling Co., “Years ago, some of us learned how to dry off our flies using the vibrations of a rubber band. We’d attach one end to our gear, hook a fly to the other end, pull the tippet tight and pluck the rubber band. This motion would send a vibration down to the fly, causing the water to shed off in a spray-like manner.”

Do they provide warranties for rubber bands?

Likely buyers

Anyone and everyone–most anglers could use a Fly Banjo, but especially the ones who love stalking big fish on dries.

What others say

“I’ve been plucking tippets for ages, but this is a great solution, particularly when it’s cold, and you might stick a fly in your thumb. Nice concept and delivery.” – Andrew Steketee


Get a Fly Banjo and start plucking–the river and fish will thank you.

Fly Banjo Fly Dryer
Fly Banjo Fly Dryer
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