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Redington Men’s Escape Wading Pants

Filling an obvious wader gap between summer wet wading and steelhead season.
Kirk Deeter author.
Kirk Deeter
April 1, 2024
Redington | Men’s Escape Wading Pants
product description
“The Escape Wading Pants are perfect for skinny water and warmer days. Constructed with durable 4-layer waterproof breathable material, jean-style side pockets and an adjustable hook and loop waist belt, the Escape Wading Pants provide the features you need for all-day comfort while out on the water.” – Redington
company ethos
“We are anglers and adventurers with a shared mission to deliver outstanding products and extraordinary experiences to our vibrant fly-fishing community through our brands, education and conservation initiatives.” – Redington

I used to be an absolute beast when it came to wading in rivers–I’d wade up to the top of any chest-highs if I had to, to get into position for the right cast. Now, I’ve come to a point in my fishing life when, if I’m wading over belly-button level, that’s usually a mistake. I’ve also come to a point where I don’t necessarily feel obliged to spend half a paycheck for the highest-tech waders, when a perfectly functional pair of waterproof pants might fill the gap. 

So, for $200, if I can drop my boat in at the ramp, or wade the home river where I know every hole and rarely stand in water over thigh-deep, I think these Redington Escape Wading Pants are a pretty smart option–they fill an obvious gap between summer wet wading and steelhead-weather wader requirements. 

I also like wearing pants more than full chest-high waders. Honestly, for most casual trout stream anglers, they’re more than enough. With waders, the base test is really a pass-fail: do they remain dry, or leak? I’ve generally found that I can get two-to-three hard-fished seasons from a single pair, regardless of the brand. Would I take these wading pants as my go-to waders on a bucket-list trip to Iceland or Argentina? Definitely not, but for creeping around the home river, jumping in and out of boats, or walking longer distances in the summer heat? More than fine. 

I’d rather buy a $200 pair of wading pants every few years than drop a grand on waders that are over-built for half the fishing I do. And for guides and outfitters looking for rentals? Decide how much you really want your newbie sports wading above waist level, and right into the runs where most of the fish are.


Some smart features: adjustable belt, front pockets, integrated gravel guards, neoprene booties.

Won’t break the bank.

Lightweight, functional mobility for walking.

Smart protection from poison ivy and bugs.


Wader belt feels inverted (intuitively pulls the wrong direction). 

Warranty information could provide more clarity.

We’ve heard about some longer returns and spotty (Far Bank) customer service.


At $199.99, a reasonable value for beginners, but also seasoned anglers looking for a summer, fall-back option.


Pretty tough construction for the price point.


Expect a couple of seasons and avoid the barbed wire.

  • Price: $199.99
  • Weight: NA
  • Construction/Materials: Durable 4-layer waterproof breathable material
  • Booties: Puncture resistant, 3mm neoprene
  • Warranty information: Far Bank warranty

The Redington Men’s Escape Wading Pants for skinny water and warmer days:

Far Bank warranty.

“Waders are covered under a one-year warranty period, with proof of purchase.”

Likely buyers

Anglers looking for a light, comfortable and packable wader solution for hotter summer days, or afternoons in the belly boat, when a full-construction wader isn’t always required.


The Redington Men’s Escape Wading Pants provide an economical and well-designed value for anglers looking to fill a summer gap in their wader arsenal. These also make sense for guides and outfitters, looking to gear up clients with an eye on comfort and mobility. The wader market is at a point of design overkill for the vast majority of casual, summer-weather anglers–enter the Escape Wading Pants, along with many competitors, providing durability, breathability and lightweight construction for a reasonable price point. Well done Redington.

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Redington Men’s Escape Wading Pants Lifestyle shot
Redington Men’s Escape Wading Pants Lifestyle shot
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