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RIO Elite Single-handed Spey Line

A versatile fly line at the right range.
Kirk Deeter author.
Kirk Deeter
February 24, 2024
RIO | Elite Single-handed Spey Line
product description
“The Single Handed Spey line has been designed to be a fantastic tool for anglers that prefer/need to perform roll and single-handed Spey casts. The rear weight distribution loads a rod deeply in the tightest of quarters, allowing anglers to make long, effortless casts with obstacles close behind.” – RIO Products
company ethos
“Our core purpose is to inspire the fly angler through outstanding products and extraordinary experiences.” – RIO Products

As advertised, the taper is such that the weight is concentrated along the length of the line, in the right proportions to help with picking it up, mending, making roll casts, snap-T’s, single speys, snake rolls and such–with a single-handed 9-foot fly rod. I’ve come to feel that at least some of those moves are as functionally important when real-world fishing as the classic overhead cast. 

Product story

I was first introduced to this line by Simon Gawesworth on a RIO press junket on the Missouri River in Montana several years ago. And sure, Simon being the spey casting guru, showed how this line shines with single-hand spey moves. But he also let the cat out of the bag and told me the “off label” application where this line really shines: picking up the cast, using surface friction to load the rod, making one backcast and bombing 30-to-50-foot shots with medium-sized flies against the bank. 

Think fishing hoppers from a drift boat on a western river, like the Missouri. When I’m fishing hoppers or dry-dropper rigs from my boat, there’s at least one rod in the mix, specifically spooled up with this line, for that reason alone. 


I have yet to find a better line for banging the banks from a drift boat. Of course, as with spey casting, we’re talking about a type of casting that requires some open spaces to operate. The honey distance range for this line is 30-to-60 feet, and I’d only count 50-to-60 feet if you know how to shoot line with control. 

It’s not a short-shooting, magic shot, improviser’s line for small streams, and you’ll frustrate yourself if you fish this line in places where the average cast is 30 feet or less.


Versatile line at the right range. You feel the load with overhead casts, and it rolls easily, provided you initiate that roll cast with a low rod tip. 

SlickCast coating really helps you shoot well.

I’ve fished the same lines fairly frequently for seven years, with only routine cleanings, and they still haven’t cracked or stopped floating properly.


Not well suited for shorter casts and tighter environs.

Not versatile enough to bop back and forth between those smaller streams and open water.

Made for freshwater, so it’s too supple to take snook fishing in the mangroves.


At $129.99 it costs what good fly lines cost. In fact, it’s a bit less than the super-premium, ultra-hyped lines.

  • Price: $129.99
  • Line Tested: 6-weight float
  • Density: Float
  • Line Color: Peach/Camo
  • Sink Rate: Float
  • 30-foot Head Weight: 137gr (8.9 grams)
  • Total Head Weight: 150gr (9.7 grams)
  • Head Length: 33 feet
  • Total Length: 80 feet
  • Warranty? Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns.

“Any item purchased on the website, excluding eGift CARDS, may be returned unused up to 90 days from the date of purchase. Far Bank Enterprises does not refund eGIFT CARDS except where required by state law. If you purchased the item at one of our authorized dealers, please contact that dealer to process the return.”


This is a pretty specialized line, designed for single-hand spey casting, but with one very notable “side-door” application. If you want a dedicated line to put on a 5-or-6-weight fly rod and fish hoppers or other dry flies (not streamers, many better fly lines for that) from a boat or raft, this is the number. For banging the banks at range in freshwater environs, there isn’t a line that does a better job than this one.

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Rio single handed spey elite lifestyle shot
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