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Scientific Anglers SONAR Titan Tropical/Jungle Clear Tip Fly Line

When you have to throw heavy, saltwater flies in a hurry–this is the line to do it.
Kirk Deeter author.
Kirk Deeter
June 21, 2024
Scientific Anglers | SONAR Titan Tropical/Jungle Clear Tip Fly Line
product description
“The SONAR Titan Tropical Clear Tip fly line provides all the advantages of our Titan taper–easy loading and effortless turnover to name a few–and tops it off with an intermediate sinking clear head.” – Scientific Anglers
company ethos
“We enjoy the dynamic struggle between old school, new school and the evolution of customer and industry demands. What lies between the fish slime and truth is where we flourish. Scientific Anglers rejects the happy medians, the good enoughs, the that’ll do’s and the status quo.” – Scientific Anglers

I know I’ve been a stickler for “true-to-standard” weighted lines. I think over-weighted lines only confuse matters and build a false sense of confidence for weak casters.

But in certain saltwater situations, I take all that back.  

When you chase big fish in the ocean, the flies you use can look like half a chicken on a hook. That’s also often true in the jungle. So, when you start playing around with specialty lines and fast-action saltwater fly rods, all the “standards” basically go out the window. 

When you see a 50-pound roosterfish pop up in the Sea of Cortez, for example, you want to pick up the line, load it, shoot it and hope for the best. And more often than not, that shot must travel 50-60 feet or more. The coating on this line definitely enhances its shoot-ability.

The Scientific Anglers SONAR Titan Tropical/Jungle Clear Tip (intermediate sinking tip) fly line is made specifically for these situations. This line is billed as a whopping two sizes heavy right on the box. But when you cast large flies, when you want to pick up the line and load the rod with only a backcast, when you want to shoot most of the line to get your distance (typically without false casting at all), you need a line this heavy, with as much weight concentrated in the head as possible.

In the right hands, this becomes an “intuitive” casting line for large saltwater (or jungle) fish. In other words, you’re not thinking about the mechanics of the cast, you’re focused on the fish. It’s made for hot weather, so it isn’t that malleable by design. It’s also quite durable, assuming you rinse it in fresh water after every fishing day.

For roosterfish, the intermediate sinking tip, which sinks 1.25 inches per second in salt water, is key. The full floating version of this line would be good for dorado, skipjacks and other fish that will nail poppers and crease flies off the surface.

This is too much line, too heavy, too much splash, for inshore fishing, even casting at big bull redfish. And don’t try it in cold water. There are better lines for those situations. But for warm water, big flies, big fish and making long, quick shots, this is a trusty go-to fly line.

You can form tight, wind-busting loops without worrying about tailing loops, and shoot line (so long as you’re not standing on it) with ease. I wouldn’t chase roosterfish with anything that wasn’t over-weighted like this unique fly line.


Easy to cast, forms tight loops and shoots.

Sink tip drops baitfish patterns into the zone where they belong.

The clear fly line tip is less visible to fish.

Durable and reliable construction won’t fail when fighting big fish.


Not meant for delicate presentations, the flats, etc.

You need a notebook to remember what the fly line is named. (How about just calling it “The Beast Tamer.”)

Very specific use, not versatile for other applications.

At $99.95, it’s a fairly-priced, high-performance fly line. You don’t bargain hunt when you want to chase bucket list fish. That said, there are more versatile fly lines out there that might travel better and offer a little more bang for the buck. But for a trip to the jungle, or blue water, to tangle with large predatory fish, it’s important to have the correct gear, especially when it comes to fly lines.

  • Price: $99.95
  • Sink Rate: Intermediate (1.25 inches per second)
  • Size/Type: Weight-forward 10-weight
  • Taper Design: Quick loading, big flies (short, powerful head)
  • Total Length: 105 feet
  • Running Line: 71.5 feet
  • Head: 33.5 feet
  • Tip: 15 foot clear stealth tip
  • Line Coating: AST (Advanced Shooting Technology: reduced friction between line and rod guides, repels dirt and algae, coating integrated for extended performance)
  • Weight Standards: “Two sizes heavy”
  • Warranty information: Customer Support

Customer Support.

If your Scientific Anglers fly line is damaged, it’s best to contact their customer service directly. They can assess the situation and determine if a replacement is warranted.

A specific line, for very specific situations: Tropical environments, large fish, large flies, long casts, shooting line, sinking tip (for wind and drag), clear tip (for stealth after the fly lands), fast-action fly rods.

If those are the ingredients in your fishing adventure, this line is a proven, reliable, easy-casting workhorse, that’s fairly priced and bound to last through a good number of memorable fish battles, provided you rinse and clean it regularly.

We highly recommend this fly line, even if it’s hard to remember the name.

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