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Simms Women’s BugStopper SolarFlex Hoody

A solar protective hoody designed for the ladies, as well as bugs and the sun.
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Kara Armano
April 27, 2024
Simms | Women’s BugStopper SolarFlex Hoody
product description
“Soft, stretchy SolarFlex® fabric meets a full suite of Insect Shield® and UPF 30+ protection, the Bugstopper® SolarFlex® Hoody is the hot-day mainstay that elevates fishing comfort by alleviating anything that gets in the way.” – Simms
company ethos
“Like you, we’ve come to realize that fishing isn’t a pastime. It’s not a hobby. And it’s not a sport. Fishing is our way of life. And we firmly believe we all owe it to ourselves to make as much time as possible to do the things we truly live for. After all, you get one life. #FishItWell.” – Simms

By now, anglers are familiar with sun hoodies to help keep those damaging UV rays at bay during long days on the water. While this shirt did that, it also protected me from bugs, which is a feat on the South Island of New Zealand with its notorious sandflies. 

I learned that in New Zealand you can get sunburned in less than 15 minutes. I asked around as to why and no one really seemed to know, but that’s not why this shirt rocked–it also protected me from those pesky, biting sandflies.

Made with a solar protective knit fabric (92% polyester, 8% spandex), the BugStopper SolarFlex Hoody dries fast and also removes odors with its HeiQ Fresh technology (maybe that also helps to keep the bugs away).

Sun and bugs are a constant when fishing, so to find a shirt that repels both is a win, providing ample opportunities to focus your mind on the task at hand, which is the point. The mostly polyester fabric is soft on the skin, stretches when you move and protects completely with extended sleeves and hood.

All in all, the BugStopper SolarFlex Hoody is a well-designed piece of technical fishing clothing.


The back-of-hand sun and bug protection was critical, and thanks to the thumbholes and center finger loops, the sun shirt performed flawlessly. If only I wore full-fingered gloves, as that’s where the flies like to bite the most.

The flat-seam construction seemed to add noticeable comfort.

Hood snap enclosure–well designed and secure.

Polyester material is highly snag resistant.


I took the bluegrass heather color, and many guides said blue is the calling card for bugs, so the new bay leaf color might’ve been a better bet. 

At $95, sun hoodies aren’t cheap anymore.


A good-fitting, good looking shirt that performs is a must when I’m on the water, and this shirt delivered. Not cheap, but worth the value.


I appreciated that attention to women’s details like the petal hem and natural colors. The snap closure on the hood also was secure during windy days, which is an issue with other sun hoodies.


You won’t find any snags on my shirt, despite wearing it constantly and bushwhacking through New Zealand’s forests to find hungry trout. It also dried quickly after quick dunkings. High marks for functionality and durability.

  • Price: $94.95
  • Sizes: XS-2XL
  • Colors: Bay Leaf, Bluegrass Heather, Neptune
  • Fabric: Solar protective knit fabric (92% polyester, 8% spandex), dries fast and removes odors with HeiQ Fresh
  • Bugs: Insect Shield® for long-lasting, effective and convenient insect protection
  • Warranty information: Simms warranty

More about Simms’ fabric technologies:

SolarFlex fabric: comfortable, jersey knit with built in UPF50+ sun protection–articulation added in the sleeves for better comfort, range-of-motion. Construction with flat and marrow (type) seams also provides additional comfort.

HeiQ Fresh: a sustainable anti-odor fabric technology that’s bio-based and silver free, keeping the fabric fresher for longer. Applied to the SolarFlex Hoody, it has zero effect on breathability, color, feel and wicking. Applied at the material level and lasts the life of the garment.

HeiQ Stain Away: a sustainable stain resistant fabric technology (green chemistry)–helps the fabric resist dirt, mud, grass, fly floatant etc. Applied at the material level and lasts the life of the garment.

Insect Shield: a fabric technology that incorporates permethrin, a synthetic version of a compound found in chrysanthemum flowers–it’s odorless, lasts the life of the garment and deters bugs from landing or biting.

BugStopper SolarFlex Hoody video from Simms:

Simms warranty.

“If your SIMMS product fails due to a defect in workmanship or materials, SIMMS will repair or replace your gear and get you back on the water as soon as possible. If your SIMMS product fails due to excessive wear, accidents involving barbed wire or campfires, or the natural breakdown of materials over extended time, SIMMS will make every effort to repair your gear for a reasonable fee.”

Likely buyers

Women anglers looking for an all-in-one fishing shirt, this hoody is comfortable and performance-driven, especially if you’re fishing places where bugs are an issue. 


I’m a sucker for a good fishing hoody, so it wasn’t hard to win me over, but the functionality and fit delivered a winning performance. I also really liked the bluegrass heather color, but so did the bugs. The other (anti-bug) design features kept them at bay from biting me everywhere but my fingers.

Simms Women's Bugstopper Solarflex Hoody lifestyl shot woman fishing from boat
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