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Travel Simple

Five of the most important fly-fishing travel tips.
Kirk Deeter author.
Kirk Deeter
February 8, 2024
Man looking at mountains.

Travel Simple

I’ve learned a number of lessons during all my fishing travels (some the hard way). Here are what I consider the most important five: 

First, mosquitoes are the most dangerous animals in the world, more so than any bear, shark, or snake. So, pay attention to vaccination recommendations and bring bug dope (but never pack that anywhere near your fly lines). 

Second, the highest risk of you getting sick or injured is caused by your paying too much attention to fishing and not enough on staying in the game. Always keep hydrated and wear sunscreen/appropriate clothing. 

Third, I always bring at least one extra fly line and at least a dozen patterns of every fly pattern I fish (because there is nothing worse than running out of the hot bug). 

Four, I always bring three tints of polarized glasses–one for bright, one for overcast/low-light and an “in-between” pair in case you lose either of the others. 

Five, I love the BOA closure system on boots, but never travel with them. Laces are so much easier to fix or replace. And always travel with spare laces.

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